Fast Wireless Charger
Auto UV On/Off Eye Protection
Aromatherapy diffuser

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3- in-1 UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charger & Aroma Diffuser

The Switch 3-in-1 UV Phone Sanitizer keeps you safe and protected from the millions of harmful bacteria and viruses picked up on your phone’s surface throughout the day.

The powerful 360˚ UV sterilization lights take less than 5 minutes to target and destroy germs on your phone or multiple small objects. With a built-in wireless charger, enhance your daily charge with the aromatherapy function that refreshes whilst sanitizing. Compact and portable to ensure you are protected wherever you go.

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Sterilization Power Powerful 360 degree 2W Bead UV lights
Weight 380 grams
Ultraviolet Wavelength 253.7 nm
Unit Dimension 210 X 120 X 48 mm
Inner cavity Dimension 196 X 102 X 26 mm
Time to sterilize 1 minute Quick mode for 95%, 5 minutes Regular mode for 99.9%
LED Light Blue for wireless charging, Red for sterilization
Magnetic Switch Auto UV power Off when lid open to protect eyes
Objects Phone upto 7 inches, keys, headphones, watches, bands, jewellery, spectacles, MP3 players, Bluetooth earphones, toothbrush, toys, pacifiers, face masks?
Process UV lamp inside the device affects and destroys the germ
Charger 10 W fast wireless charging
Aromatherapy Works as aroma-therapy diffuser when aromatic oil drops added
2 Years Axiom Warranty