Damage Protection

It happens to everyone: you drop your phone and the screen breaks.Or the poor thing just gives up on you altogether. Sign up for our Damage Protection, and we’ll fix your phone ASAP. If it’s beyond repair, you’ll get a refund. A one-time fee gets you 12 months of coverage and complete peace of mind

Priority Repair

It’s a stressful affair when your mobile device has issues. Our priority repair allows you to jump the queue and hand it over to our care. Expect VIP treatment, as our technicians do their best to return your fixed device within 24 hours. If not, we’ll give your money back.

Standard Warranty Extended Warranty Damage Protection
Duration of coverage 1 Year 2 or 3 Years 1 Year
Electronic Malfunction
Liquid Damage
Screen Damage/Cracks
Accidental drop
Theft cover
Deductible SAR 100 or 10%
of repair charges
(whichever is higher)
Price Free 2 Years
10% of device price
3 Years
18% of device price
10% of device price**
[ * ] No deductible charged if malfunction is covered under warranty
[ ** ] Minimum charge for this service is SAR 50

Damage Protection Terms & Conditions

Priority Repair Terms & Conditions


What is Damage Protection?

On purchasing Damage Protection service, your mobile device/tablet gets covered from accidental damages that may result in its malfunction. For example, your mobile phones screen is broken after accidently being dropped OR it falls into water and stops working. In such cases, when you have Damage Protection, your phone will be repaired by Axiom. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace your phone or give a refund voucher so that you can get a new phone.

How can I get it?

1. When buying a new phone from us, please contact our sales executives. They will assist you in getting your phone insured. 2. Call our Call Center within 7 days of buying your new phone from axiom and our agents will assist you 3. Visit any axiom Service Center and get your phone covered

How much does this service cost?

When buying a new device from us, just pay 10% over its price. For example, if the phone you’re buying costs SAR 1,000, you can get it covered with Damage Protection by paying AED 100 extra. If you want to get a used device covered with this service, then 12% will be charged over its current value.

How much time is my phone covered for?

Your phone is covered under Damage Protection for a period of 12 months from purchase of this service.


What is Extended Warranty?

We all know how important it is to get warranty with our new phones. Their precious to us and we don’t want them giving up on us! Extended Warranty simply provides you all the same benefits that you get in a standard warranty, for a longer period of time. So don’t limit your warranty period, go for a 2 or 3 year warranty cover and never feel worried again!

Where can I avail this service?

At any axiom Store or Service Center, in the country you purchased this service from.

Are accidental damages covered under Extended Warranty?

No, this service only provides limited cover from manufacturer defects or technical malfunctions.


What is Priority Repair?

Let your phone and yourself enjoy a VIP experience, whenever it decides to take a break during its warranty period! Upon facing any warranty related issue, just visit one of our designated service centers, jump the queue and receive urgent service.

How much does this service cost?

When buying a new device from us, just pay 8% over its price. This covers 3 VIP visits to our service centers.

How can I avail this service?

You can avail this service for mobile phones of the below listed brands, at these designated service centers.